The words are not enough to describe the beauty of our dives.
Click on the thumbnails to see with your eyes!

Or even better, rent one of our underwater digital camera and take the pictures you want.
At the end of your holiday we'll burn you a cd, and you'll keep your memories forever!

Tompot blenny - Alex Mustard
Long-snouted seahorse - Alex Mustard
Who is looking? - Alex Mustard
Odd couple - Frank Schneider
A look inside - Eleonora Manca
The alabaster - Ghosts cave - Alex Mustard
Deep blue - Nereo´s cave - Alex Mustard
Laura inside Nereo - Alex Mustard
Feeling WOW! - Alex Mustard
Inside Ghost Cave - Alex Mustard
Gaddo in the Ghost Cave - Alex Mustard
Cave of the Stalactites - Alex Mustard
Laura in the
The Ghost Cave - Alex Mustard
The enchantress of rainbow wrasses... - Alex Mustard
Veduta aerea
La cremagliera
The dive center - Federica Bedei
The filling station - Federica Bedei
Le bombole - Federica Bedei
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