The words are not enough to describe the beauty of our dives.
Click on the thumbnails to see with your eyes!

Or even better, rent one of our underwater digital camera and take the pictures you want.
At the end of your holiday we'll burn you a cd, and you'll keep your memories forever!

Laura inside Nereo - Alex Mustard
Feeling WOW! - Alex Mustard
Inside Ghost Cave - Alex Mustard
Gaddo in the Ghost Cave - Alex Mustard
Cave of the Stalactites - Alex Mustard
Laura in the
The Ghost Cave - Alex Mustard
The enchantress of rainbow wrasses... - Alex Mustard
Hypselodoris tricolor
Lumaca di mare - Claudio Gazzaroli
Alghero - The town center - Udo Nestler
Alghero - The town center - Udo Nestler
Nuraghe - Udo Nestler
Nuraghe - Udo Nestler
Nuraghe - Udo Nestler
Long-striped blenny (Parablennius rouxi) - Marco Colombo
Cowrie (Luria lurida) - Marco Colombo
Paguro con larve (Pagurus anachoretus) - Marco Colombo
Leptomysiidae sp. su Sertella - Marco Colombo
Gambero vinaio (Gnathophyllum elegans) su Echinaster sepositus - Marco Colombo
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