The words are not enough to describe the beauty of our dives.
Click on the thumbnails to see with your eyes!

Or even better, rent one of our underwater digital camera and take the pictures you want.
At the end of your holiday we'll burn you a cd, and you'll keep your memories forever!

Parazoanthus axinellae - Matt Valli
Scorpaena scrofa - Matt Valli
Looking up... - Matt Valli
In the canyon - Matt Valli
Hermit crab - Federica Bedei
On board - Mario Romor
Loading... - Mario Romor
The pillars - Mario Romor
Briefing - Mario Romor
The map - Mario Romor
Axinella polypoides - Rafael Fernandez
Paramunicea Clavata - Rafael Fernandez
Corallium rubrum - Rafael Fernandez
Corallium rubrum, detail - Rafael Fernandez
Grotta di Falco - Rafael Fernandez
Grotta dei cervi - Rafael Fernandez
Fossils - Rafael Fernandez
Grotta dei fantasmi - Rafael Fernandez
Roccia bianca - Rafael Fernandez
Inside the cave - Rafael Fernandez
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