Not only diving

Diving can be the core of your vacation, but we cannot stay underwater all day!!! Plus, if your companion does not dive and you have children...

At Capo Galera you will find the ideal place even when not diving. You can swim in the tranquil cove where Patrizia is moored from early in the morning to sunset.

Capo Galera

Once the sun is down dinner is in mind, often turning into a barbeque of meat or fish with Cannonau, Vermentino or Vernaccia (these are not the names of the instructors, but of strong and exquisite Sardinian wines).

Porcetto arrosto

Together, around the fire, chatting in many different languages, but understanding each other very well: there is today's dive to remember and tomorrow's to imagine. Gaddo will describe them for you, always leaving out some nice surprise for you to discover.

For those who do not dive there are many trails around the property that lead to gorgeous little coves with transparent water. Relax for the adults and adventurous explorations for the kids.

And Alghero is only few kilometres away: the fortress-town with its towers and bastions overlooking the sea. All around the gulf you will find the historical testimonials of the Man from the Neolithic, and plenty of ruins from the Roman and Medieval Times. Discovering these, and more, could be the goal of your daytrips.

We could talk lots about Alghero; however, our job is to tell you about Capo Galera. For more information about the town visit Alghero on line.